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Farm Tour-Fun from Farm, Learn from Farm
Farming is a culture to be inherited

Mission: To connect urban people to the culture of farming by promoting unique Eco leisure themes specially projecting rural farms/concept farms as tourism destinations thus provide a practical agricultural/rural life experience, bridge the urban rural gap and contribute to the Farmers' economic enhancement and the rural development at large.

Ecologically there is a need - Given the deepening Environmental crisis around, the learned community in particular now needs increased awareness & contribution towards Organic/non chemical food & farming, sustainable green development not only for health & happiness but for harmony with nature in the future. An opportunity to be eco consciously aware and contribute can happen through Farm Tour.

Economically there is a need - Farmer going natural should have some additional revenue /alternate revenue model from his farm. Models of Farm direct marketing apart from Farm tourism revenue could be worked out to support small & marginal farmers via Farm Tour.

Culturally there is a need - Farming is a culture by itself rather than a mere activity. Farming as a culture should be conserved and should be inherited. People should come forward to involve in Farming Culture and it should be given to the children by the parents. Farm teaches children many things; Farm by itself is a natural school both for kids & Adults. The gambling of farming in rural India is making majority farmers quit farming & no farmer really wants to make his son a farmer now or inherit it .Professionally too, very less students are opting for farming or related academics or careers. This disappointing status has to be changed in India where Agriculture is the backbone; Farming should be pursued by or at least be known to every child/youngster & they be involved on farm in some way or the other. There has to be some point to show case farming in an interesting way to the next generation.

Of course the visiting to farm concept is not really new; it happens even informally with some family & friends groups but not many are having that opportunity now with changed times . Our 'Farm Tour' concept provides a platform to satisfy the human urge from within- to connect back to his source - Nature and stands unique in the farm community participatory spirit, the way of understanding farming, Eco conscious connect to the farm, farmer, food & ecosystem along with the participatory contribution

It is always simple to be with nature; all you need to do is to just give some time for your 'self'

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