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Farm Tour is a Socio Entrepreneurial initiative that presents unique farm touring concepts to the urban people and enables them to connect back to the roots of farming.

In context of the modern day busy life and corporate buzz, people are lacking connectivity with nature and farming. Farm tour channelizes Eco leisure in unique ways to the urban people specially projecting rural farms/concept farms as tourism destinations, bridges the urban rural divide, provides a practical agricultural/rural life experience and through it contributes to the farmers' economic enhancement and the rural development at large.

Farm tour involves any agriculturally based operation or activity that brings visitors to a farm, niche tourism associated with Agritainment - Agriculture + Entertainment, Value added products, Farm direct marketing, Sustainable Agriculture and Farm knowledge exchange.

'Farm Tours are Fun'. Farm tours are good learning, sharing & networking experiences.

Farm Tour operates with the spirit of farming culture - Farming is a culture by itself and the culture needs to be inherited .Farm Tour's emphasize on creating organic awareness and promoting sustainable /natural ways of farming in particular.

Awesome trip on a blazing Sunday, with my better half & 5 yr son. It was great fun to experience the farm activities away from this concrete jungle. We understood farming is not so easy like producing ordinary good from factories nor is selling for the farmer as simple as we buy from an air-conditioned mall. It was a splendid experience to know various cons and pros of organic farming A jolly trip to my kid, Thanks to 'Farm Tour'.
New to Hyderabad, I was super fed up going for movies every weekend and finished exploring almost all malls in the city. In search of adventure bumped across Farm Tour in Facebook and found amazing pictures. Kids were harvesting cabbages, Indian women & few foreigners were in the midst of some field activity. I was amused and wanted to be part of this event. I just rang them up, gave my details THAT'S IT!
I always wanted to be a farmer atleast for one day in my life. I feel farmer has the natural freedom to do anything, thank you for giving me this opportunity to be on farm today. I loved harvesting competitions & I am going to share this fun with my friends.

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